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Chamberlin Property Management

Property Management Services




Property Assessment and Startup Services:

  • We conduct a complete initial evaluation of your property.
  • We establish market rental value based on comparables for your area.
  • We evaluate the property condition and recommend repairs and decorating.
  • We make suggestions to maximize rental value and property appreciation.
  • We identify and correct conditions that might expose you to liability.
  • We collect all necessary information and review existing documents pertaining to your  property.
  • We set up your property in our computer system, create files and checklists to cover all details of handling the management.
  • We comply with any applicable municipal requirements for registration or inspection.


Attracting Qualified Tenants:

  • Our extensive advertising and marketing gets your property leased in the shortest possible time.
  • We handle all tenant inquires and property showings.
  • Our 24-hour LCD screens (located across from the St. Julien Hotel) never stops promoting your property.
  • We provide internet exposure for your property, complete with photos.
  • Our vats Realtor network and multi-list service give added exposure.


Careful Tenant Screening and Selection:

  • We have years of experience in judging qualifications.
  • We have instant access to detailed credit information.
  • We perform thorough reference checks covering employment, former landlords and credit history.
  • Each applicant is required to complete a detailed application form.
  • We are a buffer for you- we do the rejecting and ask hard questions.
  • Comprehensive Legal Forms and Leasing Documents:
  • Our legal agreements cover all important areas to protect all partied.
  • We have developed very comprehensive leases based on years of experience.
  • We cover all required legal disclosures, all security deposit forms and legal notice forms.


Rent Collection Services:

  • Rent is due on the first of each month.
  • Rent is considered late if it is not paid by the fifth of the month and a $50.00 late fee is charged for each day until payment is made.
  • We contact the tenants if rent has not been paid, holding them responsible for paying it in a timely and consistent manner.
  • We keep thorough documentation of every rent check that we receive.


Complete Security Deposit Handling:

  • We collect a security deposit in the amount of one month’s rent.
  • We hold onto the deposit throughout the entirety of the lease.
  • We make sure that the tenant has fully paid rent and has left the premises in good condition before the deposit is returned.


Property Assessment and Analysis:

  • We look at comparable rental properties to determine an appropriate rental amount.
  • The rent increases as the property market increases, allowing for a greater profit to be made with a growing market.


Repair and Maintenance Contracting Services:

  • All maintenance requests come to us first, allowing us to handle any possible problems.
  • We have highly experienced handyman services with long standing relationships with us.
  • For extreme situations, we collect estimates from multiple services before letting you choose the company to hire.
  • Repairs are handled in a timely manner.
  • We check the quality of the work with follow-up calls to the tenants.